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V Regional open championship "Young professionals" (WSR) 2018 and WorldSkills Russia Juniors


On November 28 - 30, 2018, the IV regional open championship "Young professionals" WorldSkills Russia and WorldSkills Russia Juniors 2018 was held at the EXPOFORUM Convention and exhibition center.

The main objectives of the championship are: to increase the importance and prestige of working professions and specialties, to promote best practices of vocational training, to improve the quality of training in working professions and vocational education.

Students of professional educational institutions, young workers aged 16 to 22 years and juniors of different age groups 10-12 years, 12-14 years, 14-16 years in 55 competencies of WorldSkills took part in large-scale competitions on WorldSkills standards.

Within the framework of the Championship, more than 550 students and schoolchildren, more than 600 experts, more than 180 contestants and more than 100 jury members took part in 92 competencies, professions and specialties most in demand in the labor market and in the economy of St. Petersburg.

College of Tourism of St. Petersburg was responsible for the organization and conducting the competitions in competencies: "Restaurant service" (SVE and Juniors), "Hotel Administration" (SVE and Juniors), "Tourism" (SVE and Juniors), "Entrepreneurship" SVE . Participants in the competence of "Cook business" worked at the site of the College of Tourism of St. Petersburg at the address: Obvodny canal emb., 154 a, from where the online broadcast was conducted in the EXPOFORUM.

During the three days of the competition, the participants performed tasks on the modules in accordance with the competition tasks.

The Results of V Regional open championship "Young professionals" (WSR) 2018 and WorldSkills Russia Juniors