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Оn November 17-19, 2017, the III Open Regional Championship "Young Professionals" (World Skills Russia) was held in St. Petersburg. Its participants were the representatives of 42 competencies within the framework of the World Skills Russia movement.

The students of the College of Tourism of St. Petersburg participated in the competition in terms of the following competencies:

  • "Management of a hotel";
  • "Restaurant service";
  • "Tourism";
  • "Entrepreneurship";
  • "Cooking".

On November 18, 2017, the results were summed up and the winners were awarded.

The results of the students of the College of Tourism of Saint-Petersburg

The “Restaurant Service” Competence

Gold Medal

Zagumyonnuy Ilia

The “Hotel Management. Junior” Competence

Gold Medal

Millman Andrew

Silver Medal

Verkhovets Veronika

Bronze Medal

Nikitin Daniil

Medal for professionalism

Shemyakova Anastasia

The “Cooking” Competence

Gold Medal

Koptev Vladislav

The “Tourism” Competence

Gold Medal

Lipnina Ksenya

Gold Medal

Yuzko Allen

The “Entrepreneurship” Competence

Gold Medal

Ternovaya Yulia

Gold Medal

Kotylo Olga

The administration of the college, the teachers and students are cordially congratulating the winners, prize-winners, participants, and their coaches with the victory in the III Open regional championship "Young professionals”!

We wish you new victories!!!

We are proud of you!

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