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On 30 September 2017 delegation from educational trade-union of Finland visited College of Tourism, St.-Petersburg. The topic for discussion was experience exchange concerning arrangement of education in Russian Federation and Finland and possibility of cooperation between vocational establishments of both countries.

The meeting took place at “Restaurant Service” department. The participants of the meeting were Ms. Svetlana Antonova, principal of College, Mr. Aleksander Milanov, methodology deputy director, Ms. Liudmila Kuznetsova, deputy director of additional vocational education, Ms. Nelly Kharchenko, head of “Restaurant Service” department, Ms. Galina Petrova, chairman of the trade-union committee.

During the meeting the participants discussed questions concerning vocational education systems, practice-oriented approach to preparation of skilled graduates, distance education technologies, the role of trade-unions, etc.

Our Finnish colleagues were accustomed to such material and technical resources of “Restaurant Service” department as culinary laboratory, training workshops “Bar” and “Barista”, laboratory of catering establishment automated control system, quality control laboratory.

Within the framework of the visit the parties also discussed possible ways of cooperation in organizing and holding professional skills competitions, experience exchange with Finnish colleagues in the sphere of standards and education quality requirements to Hospitality specialties.

Ms. Svetlana Antonova, Principal of the College of Tourism, invited Finnish delegates to visit Regional Championship “Young Specialists” (WorldSkills Russia) which would take place in November 2017, St.-Petersburg.


The material is prepared by Ms. Liudmila Kuznetsova, Deputy Director of Additional Vocational Education

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