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On September 23, 2014 our College was visited by the Finnish delegation. The meeting has taken place in the academic buiding 154-a, Obvodny canal emb., St-Petersburg.

The purpose of the visit was expansion of international relations, discussion the problems of interaction during the current academic year and measures to improve the quality of education.

As a part of the Finnish delegation to College of tourism St. Petersburg there have arrived representatives of five educational institutions from Finland working in professional education on training specialists in spheres of tourism, hotel service, public catering and construction from the cities of Kotka, Savonlinna and Lappeenranta:

  • Noora Juuti - the expert of the project on development of cooperation with Russia "Eastway 2", SAMI college;
  • Anne-Mari Behm - the international coordinator, SAMI college;
  • Petra Savolainen - the head of the educational Tourism direction, public catering and housekeeping, Sakky college;
  • Tuomo Kettunen - the head of qualifications of construction and plumbing fixtures, Sakky college;
  • Airi Leino – the teacher of tourism, Ekami college;
  • Riitta Mielonen - the leader of the working group, training of immigrants, Ekami college;
  • Paavo Ahosola - the international head, Ekami college;
  • Mira Ahtila - the teacher of tourism, JAO college;
  • Auni Tyster - the teacher, finishing of surfaces, Sampo college;
  • Sinikka Lemponen - the teacher, catering service, Sampo college.

Within the visit schedule the round table has taken place: "Exchange of experience training employees in hospitality industry". Teachers from St. Petersburg and their Finnish colleagues have taken part in work of a round table.

Welcome speech was made by Deputy director for industrial practice work of College of tourism St. Petersburg Shevchenko E. Yu. She told the Finnish colleagues about our educational institution, about public life of college, about the international activity, about achievements of today's students.

The meeting was addressed by:

  • Barysheva G.N., the head of the resource center – "About results of innovative activity and work of College of tourism of St. Petersburg as Resource center";
  • Kuznetsova L.G., the deputy director for additional professional education - "About activities of the Center of professional qualifications".

For guests the fact-finding excursion where they have got acquainted with the organization of educational process for the directions of training of specialists has been organized, have visited the theoretical audiences and workshops created within the priority national project "Education — 2009" namely:

During the excursion, which was organized for the guests, they could visit classes and workshops created within the national project "Education — 2009" . They are as follows:

  • the culinary and confectionery industrial practice workshop equipped with modern processing equipment and the system of video control, which allows to see the work of students and later show successful and wrong actions on the screen
  • laboratory of modern technologies for food companies R-Keeper equipped with the system of automatic warehouse account, management of merchandising at the enterprises of small and medium business (restaurant, cafe, bar),
  • the laboratory of quality control of food products with the modern equipment for assessing the quality of food products and production of catering establishments. Guests have got acquainted with the organization of educational process in Yunost hotel.

At the end of the meeting the cooperation agreement was signed and the Finnish colleges thanked college administration for hospitality.

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