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At the invitation of the South Savo Vocational College (ESEDU) administration (Mikkeli, Finland), the teaching staff of the College involving 27 people visited the Skills competition Taitaja 2017 national championship in Helsinki, Finland.

The purpose of the visit was to study international experience of the development of innovative activities in professional education, to get acquainted with the professional skill competitions organization after WorldSkills international standards in various competencies, to study and analyze the content of competitive tasks, the design of competitive platforms and the organization of experts and participants of the competition.

The College staff took part in the Taitaja 2017 Helsinki international Seminar on May 17, 2017, as part of the national championship.

In the context of the seminar, participants had an opportunity to get acquainted with the key elements of Finnish vocational education, as well as the reforms of pedagogical education in Finland, the policy of entrepreneurial education in Finland and the promotion of future entrepreneurship.

As part of the championship, a business meeting with Maria Anttalainen, Director of South Savo Vocational College (ESEDU), and teachers was organized. Colleagues from Finland commented the features of the championship, spoke about the participation of students in the competition, discussed priority areas for further cooperation, conducted a tour around the exhibition center and introduced in detail the terms of competitions on the competition sphere platforms, such as Tourism and Hotel Services, Business, Restaurant Service, Cooking and confectionery.

Skills Competition Taitaja 2017 National championship held in Helsinki Fair Center from 15 to 18 of May, 2017, was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Finland, and it was the main event of the country.

The skills contest was held in 53 different categories. Participants of competitions were the students of professional organizations, aged 21. Finnish Taitaja 2017 finalists were identified in semi-finals organized in early 2017 across the country. About 2,000 young students annually participate in the semi-finals.

The competition are aimed at replication of authentic work environment. The contest tasks are made up in accordance with the training programs and requirements of the professional community. The jury consists of representatives of professional educational organizations, employers and employees of organizations.

The official languages of the competition are Finnish, Swedish and English. International participants must have at least intermediate skills in Finnish, Swedish or English to understand the objectives of the competition tasks.

Contestants from Finland and more than 200 international participants, including Canada, Brazil, China and Russia took part in the competition in 53 competencies. More than 80,000 people from Finland and other countries visited the competition. The championship was attended by a large number of pupils. Viewing grandstands were equipped in several areas of the exhibition centre.

The City Within the City theme was established for all categories of competitions and the place of the competition was determined in accordance with well-known districts of Helsinki, where the professional route gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the various professional sectors, as well as special station, where visitors can entertain themselves answering questions related to different professions, testing their ability in a particular activity and receiving recommendations from students and teachers, were equipped.

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