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From the 14th to 19th of March 2017, in Italy, high in the Alps, Lombardy region, a traditional Contest “WELLNESS & ZERO WASTE” was held. According to the terms of the competition, the team consisted of four students: a cook, a pastry -cook, a waiter and a barman. The cooks had to show complicated dishes, using new technologies, which at the same time-are healthy, with low fat content. The barman was preparing an extraordinary cocktail for aperitif, and together with the waiter served the guests. The waiter had to choose the right wine, describe the dishes in details. All the service took an hour and a half and was performed in English. In the kitchen, our students also spoke English. 23 teams from 17 European countries took part in the competition.

Our team began its presentation on March the 17th at 8.30 a.m. The cooks prepared "Chicken terrine" - appetizer, "seabass "sous-vide" - the main course and a delicious Russian dessert - "Sea buckthorn mousse on a rye biscuit with fresh berries and fruit sauce". Meanwhile, the dining room was preparing for the receiving guests: dishes and glasses were polished, the table "St. Petersburg"was arranged, all themed accessories were prepared. At 1p.m. the service began. On this day competed the teams from Russia (St. Petersburg), Portugal and Italy. The chef in the kitchen immediately appreciated the work of our participants - their cohesive and well-worked actions, mutual assistance and accuracy. Service was at the highest level as well, despite the fact that the guests then dropped napkins, and spilled salt. Our waiter and the barman reacted in a lightning and professional manner.

6 hours of work - in one breath ! The students were exhausted, but very happy. We did our best! The result of a long and hard preparation - is the first place in the category "Restaurant service", and the second - the cup - "The best work of the Kitchen team" Hooray, Saint – Petersburg!

The organizers of the contest greeted us very kindly. We were provided with all the necessary equipment and products. We are very grateful to our guide assistant, who helped us in everything and solved problems. It was an Italian student who translated Italian into English. The first stormy applause sounded to Russia, when the welcoming words were greeted by St. Petersburg and Moscow, because our country took part in these competitions for the first time.

The leaders of the competition organized excursions to the famous in Italy plant for the manufacture of kitchen knives and a cheese factory. Although Milan is rather far from Casargo, we had the chance to visit Milan and the famous picturesque Lake Como with other student teams. Very exciting was the master class for the cooks, where everyone could take part - cooking the Italian dish of Nyokki.

We congratulate with success:

  • Koptev Vladislav - a cook
  • Nemesheva Elmira - a Pastry-cook 
  • Matveeva Alexandra - bartender
  • Bykov Nikolai - a waiter,

as well as the leaders and teachers of the "Restaurant Service" department: Andrei Nikolaevich Bardashevich, Natalia Borisovna Achropotkova, Ekaterina Ivanovna Mosina, Olga Viktorovna Amelchenko, Marina Anatolyevna Grigoryeva, Tatyana Anatolyevna Goncharova. The whole team is grateful to the administration of the College and personally to the Director of the College of Tourism - Svetlana Alexandrovna Antonova, for the opportunity to represent the College at an international competition.

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