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The international cooperation

  • development and implementation of international educational programs and scientific programs in the field of education;
  • sending students, pedagogical and scientific workers of Russian Federation to foreign educational organizations, as well as the reception of foreign students, teachers and researchers in Russian educational organizations for the purpose of training, improving their qualifications and pedagogical activity, including within the framework of international academic exchange
  • joint scientific research, implementation of fundamental and applied scientific research, as well as experimental – design work;
  • network interaction with foreign organizations implemented in educational activities;
  • participation in the activities of international organizations, in international educational, scientific research and scientific and technical projects, congresses, symposiums, conferences, seminars, exchange of educational and scientific literature.

Ms.Liudmila Kuznetcova

International Coordinator

tel. +7 (812) 456-07-45
e-mail: odpo8@mail.ru