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Resource center

College of Tourism is a Resource Center for training specialists in Saint Petersburg. Resource Center organizes and coordinates the network of Secondary Education institutions within the relevant industry and unites 16 educational institutions of tourism, hotel service, catering and trade.

The Main tasks of the Resource Center:

  • Introduction of innovations according to declared activity in the system of Secondary Vocational Education in S-Pb;
  • Methodological support for declared activities of Secondary Vocational institutions in S-Pb;
  • Implementation of professional educational programs, vocational programs and extra programs using the network form;

The provision of an access to the educational resources for young people, adults and the staff of professional educational organizations.

eng_phone.jpg tel. +7 (812) 599 74 75
fax +7 (812) 559 97 66
e-mail: galina.barysheva@mail.ru