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In accordance with Educational Institutions Cooperation Agreement signed in March of the current year, professor Ayub Ayubov, the director of Mingachevir College of Tourism and Doctor of economics, visited Saint Petersburg from 12 to 17 of November, 2017.

Acquaintance of professor with our College began with a meeting with Svetlana Antonova, the Director of the College, who warmly welcomed the guest at the Department of Tourism.

The meeting was attended by Fedorova O. V., the Work-Study Deputy Director, Kuznetsova L. G., the Additional Education Deputy Director, Ovcharenko V. V., the Educational Work Deputy Director and Burova T. N., the Head of Department. The parties discussed the organization of the educational process, the practical training of students, and exchanged final certification experiences, as well as cooperational views and proposals. During the study tour of the Department the guest was shown the equipment of classrooms and laboratories, computer classrooms and the library.

The next day there was an acquaintance with the administration, teaching staff and students of the Commerce and Construction Department. Krivoruchko L. A., Head of the Teaching Department, spoke about the preparation for participation in the Young professionals, III Open Regional Championship (WSR), 2017 in the Entrepreneurship sphere.

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On November 15, the MCT Director admired the events of the Young professionals Business Program which took place in Expoforum, participated in the Board meeting of the education Committee dedicated to "New opportunities for the development of vocational education institutions in St. Petersburg and employers based on participation in the WSR competition" theme, got acquainted with the work of the competition participants in Restaurant Service, Hotel Administration (SVE and Juniors), Tourism, Entrepreneurship spheres.

Bardachevich A. N, the Innovative Activities Development Deputy Director, spoke about the organization of the competition platforms, the training of participants, peculiarities of competitions conducting.

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On 16 of November, Professor Ayoub Ayubov visited Restaurant Service Department, hosting the Cooking Skill Contest withing the context of WSR III. Shevchenko E. U., the Work-Study Deputy Director spoke about the organization of the competition site, facilities and equipment requirements, cooperation with employers in the organization of practice for students and training for teachers. Zyryanova.T. M., the facilitator organized musical greeting for the guest.

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There also was a meeting with Asanova I. M., the president of the St. Petersburg Institute of Hospitality, during which they discussed the proposals for cooperation and organization of joint projects. Then the professor was shown the Yunost hotel. Krasnokutskaya E. J., the head of the training workshop, shared the experience of practical training organization.

At the end of the visit, a round-table conference was organized to sum up the results of the first reference visit within the context of cooperation stage, and a long-term plan of joint work for 2018 was drawn up. Concluding the meeting, Svetlana Antonova stressed the importance of the intercultural communications development between Russia and Azerbaijan for the younger generation. In response, Ayub Ayubov thanked the administration of the College of Tourism of St. Petersburg for the hospitality and the opportunity to study the experience of participation in the WSR movement and invited the staff to visit Tourism and Travel, Azerbaijan International Exhibition, in Baku in April, 2018.


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