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University of Angers - French University, belongs to the Academy of Nantes, founded in 1971. The history of the university begins in the Middle Ages, when King Charles V of France establishes the University of Law, Theology and Medicine by his decree. In 1875 the university was reborn as the Western Catholic University. In 1971 in Angers a modern university was founded on the basis of the University Scientific Center (1958), the Technological University Institute (1966), the Law University College and the Philological University College.

In accordance with the agreement on cooperation between our educational organizations, signed in 2015 and the work plan for 2017 \ 2018 academic year from the 11th of March to the 21st of April , an internship for two French students from the University of Angers was organized, together with the long-term partner of the college, the St. Petersburg Institute of Hospitality.


The internship program included classes of the Russian language improvement, knowledge of Russian literature, and study the objects of the cultural and historical heritage of St. Petersburg and excursion activities.

On the 23d of April , the college hosted a tripartite meeting between the director of the college, S.A. Antonova, the rector of SPIG I.Asanova and the head of the international department of the French University Gerold BEYER on the "Restaurant Service" department.


The parties discussed plans of cooperation development in the field of cultural and academic exchange for the new academic year, prospects for three-way cooperation with Chinese professional schools, and also met with teachers and students participating in the demonstration examinations, new college laboratories and equipment.


The material was provided by Liudmila Kuznetcova & Tatyana Goncharova

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